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Modulex Clip in Metal Ceiling

Concealed Clip in metal ceiling, widest applicable among all type of ceilings with outstanding advantages in the market. The product has a range of square and rectangular panels on a fully accessible concealed suspended ceiling system with support framework for interior or exterior use. It is cost effective and economical system with complete downwards demountability for periodic maintenance and can apply for small service rooms to large commercial offifice buildings like hospitals, schools, stores, airport and railway stations etc.

Fire Rated CLIPIN System with higher specifification was developed and tested for 115 minutes Fire Rated system as per BS 476: Pat 23: 1987, Clause 5, the system was specially developed for projects with high end specifications in relation to Fire ratings.


  • Types- Standard clip in system, Hinge down clip in system and Fire Rated Clip in system
  • Sizes- 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm and 600x1200mm and other sizes are available upon request.
  • Panel Thickness- 0.50 to 1.0mm
  • Surface Finish- Plain/ Perforated / Combination of both (standard perforation is 1.80mm diameter holes with diagonal pattern, other patterns can be made upon request).
  • Raw Material- Aluminium Alloy as per EN AW 3000 or 5000 series / Zinc plated galvanized steel or stainless steel (Brush/Mirror) as per ASTM A635-01
  • Panel Edge- Beveled 3mm, beveled 5mm and square edge.

Panel Edges

Additional Specification

Acoustic and Insulation
An acoustic black-felt non woven, non flflflammable, sound absorbing layer of 0.20mm thick glued to the back of the panel using non flflflammable water based glue. Additionally Rock-wool insulation of thickness 25 -40mm and density 40-110 kg/m3 can be fififitted inside the panel on top of the acoustic black felt in order to achieve Noise Reduction Rating (NRC) between 0.75 - 0.90 as per BS EN ISO 354:2003 with minimum 18% open area.

Surface treatment
The panel will be polyester stove enameled (pre-coated) or electro-statically polyester powder coated (post coated, thickness 70-90 microns) to any RAL color as per architect's choice. The painted finish is salt spray tested for 1000 hours corrosion protection as per ASTM B 117-73. Anti Bacterial finish as per JIS Z 2801:2000 can be manufactured upon request.

Light Reflflection
Light reflflection coeffificient (LR) 0.85 tested in accordance to ASTM E1477

Fire Classification
Surface spread of flame class 1 as per BS 476: Part 1997 :7, "Non-Combustible" material tested in accordance to BS 476: Part 1970 :4. Class 0 surface of material or composite product as per building regulations 1991. Fire propagation tested as per BS 476: Part 1989 :6. Additionally Fire Rated system was tested for 115 minutes fifire resistance in accordance to BS 476: Part1987 :23, Clause 5.

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